Things You Should Never Buy At An Airport

It is wonderful to have the freedom to travel to any destination of your choice. The time you spend at the airport is by no means fee. There are a couple of flashy things you might run across at the airport that may catch your attention.

Purchasing them is not really a good idea is because they are often very expensive and they may not last long.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some things you should never buy at an airport.


We depend on the internet for valuable information that could improve our lives and make us better. While at the airport, you might be tempted to use their WIFI. It is often best you shun this urge because it is often not going to be worth it.

Most of the time, the WIFI at airports are overpriced and painfully slow.  You may be anxious to check your mailbox or your social media accounts. But really don’t have to, because those things can wait.

Instead of checking your phone, find an interesting book to read, write in a journal or do anything that you find interesting.


The flashy electronics that is being showcased in most airports can hold you spellbound. But buying them is not a good idea because they are usually overpriced. Research has shown that items that are sold at airports are 34 percent more expensive, especially when compared to the price you can get them at a local electronics store.


It is an excellent idea to eat a rich meal before your flight so as to avoid getting sick on a plane. You can get good at any restaurant close to the airport, but never at the airport. The reason for this is that they are overpriced, they don’t taste too good and they are not good for your health. Most travelers eat at the airport not because they are hungry but because they want to kill time.


You might want to get a souvenir that you will send back home. Buying it from the airport is not the way to go because they are very expensive. It is better you buy them at your travel destination, not the airport.

Final Note

Of course, there are other things you need to avoid while at the airport, do some research to find out about them.