Ensuring Safe Travel When in Thailand

Traveling in Thailand is fun. It is one of the most beautiful and friendly countries that you can visit. Although crime rates are relatively low in the country, there are measures you can take to enhance safe travel in the ‘The Land of Smiles’.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

Thailand is a tropical country. It takes time before you can get used to the humidity and the heat in the country but you can reduce the effects by drinking plenty of water. The water should be bottled and not from the taps. In addition to drinking water, wear comfortable and light clothes.

  • Do Not Carry Prohibited Drugs

The government of Thailand is very strict with possession of prohibited drugs. The law is clear that you should not be in possession of heroin, opium and marijuana among other drugs considered harsh. Violating these laws could see you spend the rest of your life in Thai’s prison or you could be executed.

  • Take Care of Your Valuables

Just like in any other destination, you should take care of your valuables. If you are not carrying your valuables such as money, documents, jewelry and gadgets with you, they should be in your hotel’s safe. Basically, you should never hand them over to a stranger unless it’s the authorities or at the hotel and you should never leave them unattended to.

  • Have Important Contacts

Anything could happen and thus you should have the important contacts at your fingerprints. Let your close friends or family know your schedule and when they can talk to you. Give them contacts of where you are staying.

The beauty of Thailand is that there are reliable emergency departments that operate round the clock. Some of the important contacts that you should have are for your embassy in Bangkok, the local police, the tourism authority in the country and for an emergency department.

  • Carry Medical Supplies

Although there are many pharmacies in the country, you can visit Thailand while prepared. If you are under medication, carry your own medical supplies. Besides this, you should have your own first aid just in case you are injured.

  • Respect Their Culture

There is nothing that is more frustrating than disrespecting a culture in a foreign land. The culture of Thailand could be different from your own. You are in their country and as a consequence, you should respect their culture. Learn what not to do in advance.