Tips while Visiting Costa Rica

When you have a busy schedule and you want to unwind with a short holiday, Costa Rica would be an ideal destination. The country may not be big but has more to offer to its customers than you could imagine. With lots of cultures to celebrate, the country also boasts of flora and fauna in abundance.

  • Great Destination for Outdoor Activities

Your holiday will not be complete without engaging in outdoor adventures and Costa Rica has much to offer. You probably want to explore the countryside or you prefer going for a rainforest canopy tour. This is possible and with a professional guide, there is nothing you will miss out on. Avitourism is also becoming quite popular and as a bird lover, this country will be a paradise for you. There are a lot of birds species that you get to see. 

  • Water Activities

This small country is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This means that there are all kinds of water activities that you can engage in. Sunbathing, walking along white sandy beaches, fly fishing, white water rafting, snorkeling and windsurfing are just some of the available activities.

  • Go on a Cultural Tour

Culture is one thing that will see appreciate Costa Rica more. The cultural diversity is something that is worth experience. The culture is rich and a perfect chance to indulge yourself and learn more about the lifestyle of the locals. 

  • Visit the ‘Region of the Turtles’

This is an attraction that should not be missed out. In the Tortuguero Plain and on the northeastern Caribbean coast of the country lies the Region of the Turtles. This is the famous Tortuguero National Park where you get to see plenty of turtles. 

When to Visit Costa Rica

One of the most amazing things about this beautiful country is that there is no winter. It is either dry or cold. The cold season is from May to November which the locals refer to as Invierno while December to April is the dry season referred to as Verano. Sometimes it rains only in the afternoon and this is called the Green season. The climate here is perfect for visitors throughout the year.

Costa Rica is a small country yet it has a lot to offer to its visitors whatever preferences they have. Whether you are an outdoor person, you prefer water sports activities, you love wildlife or you are fascinated by flora and fauna, this country has that and more to offer. You do not have to worry about packing your winter clothes since there’s no such a season in the country. The cultural diversity is also something that makes this destination even more amazing.