Reasons why People Travel

There are various reasons why people travel from place to place. The reasons would also influence the duration one has allocated for the trip. To help us understand this more in detail, let us break it down into categories.

Individual Reasons

1. To Gain New experiences

You might yearn to try something totally different from your normal daily routine. Travel offers that opportunity for you learn something new and different from your accustomed lifestyle.

2. Expand one’s perspective

Travelling to new places helps one to meet and interact with new people with a different way of life. You get to learn that different people have a different perspective of life and help broaden your scope too.

3. Meditation

Travelling helps one to get in tune with himself/herself. It helps one free his/her mind and understand his/her goal in life with more clarity

4. Form of Relief

Travelling can be used to assist one in relieving stress, depression or any form of unhappiness.

5. Relaxation

One might consider taking a vacation after months of hard-work to break the monotony of busy life. After all, all work and no play make Jack dull. Travelling assists in improving one’s mood and setting of good tone in life.

Cultural Reasons

1. Strengthening Relationships

A family getaway or romantic trip can be essential in strengthening family bonds as it brings them together.

2. Celebration

The trip can be used by one to mark a special occasion. It could be a honeymoon, birthday or something special. A change of climate could be a nice way to make the occasion more special.

3. Adventure

Humans have a craving to conquer new territories, try different foods or try different physical experiences like mountain hikes.

3. Visiting

One’s relatives and friends could be living in faraway places thus necessitating movement. It is fulfilling for both parties as a sense of unity is strengthened.

Professional Reasons

1. Business Purposes

Meeting clients and making business deals would require one to move out of their comfort zones. This could be essential in creating trust and fostering good relations.

2. Job opportunities

People travel to land a well-paying job in the cities or even a different state or country. Some jobs require an individual to keep on shifting, for instance, writers have to keep on moving to get experiences.

Miscellaneous Reasons

1. Climate Change

Some of the countries that experience extreme winter could cause some of her citizens to travel in countries with a more tolerable climate.

2. To build new friendship or relationships

People you meet while traveling help in making the trip worthwhile. For the romantic kind of people, it would be a period to meet one’s soul mate.

3. Celebrate Life

As the common phrase insists, you only live once. Travelling offers one the opportunity to appreciate life to the fullest. As time keeps on moving, moving from place to place helps us make use of our lifetime on earth.

5 Blogs You Should Follow to Make the Most Out of Travelling

Any traveler knows that before embarking on a trip, it’s important to do your research first. While there are ways to keep your traveling budget to a minimum, you can’t ignore the fact that traveling will cost you. Not to mention that – unless you’re a multi-billionaire who doesn’t have to go back to work on Monday – you also always have a limited time on your hands.

The best sources of information are usually not the usual tourist websites that are –let’s be honest here – made to lure you into tourist traps. If you’re going to do your research, it’s best that you go to your fellow travelers for advice on where to go, what to see, where to stay, and what to eat.

Here are some blogs run by travelers and for travelers that I think you should keep an eye on:

Carnets de Traverse

To find out about the best-kept secrets of any given city, check out this French blog. A big plus for the blog is their beautiful photography. After looking at the photos of the places they’ve been, you’ll certainly want to visit all of them.

Fresh Off The Grid

This one is for the campers. Run by Megan McDuffie and Michael Van Vliet, they teach you all the dishes you can whip out in the wilderness. You’ll be surprised how good they can be despite your limited resources.

This Is The Place I Was Telling You About

While most blogs will make you want to get out there and travel, this one puts more emphasis on storytelling. With photographs shot with film, this website will make you feel like you’re in the destinations they tell you about. If you’re still reluctant about traveling and want to know what it feels like before embarking on your journey, make sure to give this website a visit.


If you’re planning to travel anywhere in South East Asia, Travelfish is the best blog to follow. Not only do they write about the hard-to-find and obscure places, but they feature popular sites as well. Basically, it’s for travelers of every shape and size.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a hotel booking site that’ll help you find the hotel that is most suited for you. They have an extensive and unique collection of hotels around the world. This is highly recommended if you’re looking for a hotel that’s more interesting than your usual commercial or five-star hotels.

Pass It Forward

If you found these blogs helpful, why don’t you try starting your own too? Help your fellow traveler just like how these blogs helped you.